Will glasses suit me?

Black glasses

If you’ve never worn spectacles before then this can be quite a worrying question to ask. After all … you have been used to your appearance without them all your life and now the optician is recommending that you will see better with them !?

The optician will probably be only thinking about what an improvement in your vision they have managed to achieve but we know that 95% of us are more concerned about looking our best over seeing the best. It’s good to know that these 2 are not mutually exclusive and that it is possible to wear glasses that make us look good and see well.

Like anything, it’s always best to have expert help in doing something you’ve never done before.

The best way to answer the questions that need answering before you can decide what to go for is with an Eyewear styling consultation. You would book in to spend around 45 minutes with one of our experts and they would take you through the process of discovering what suits your face shape, skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, prescription, personality and lifestyle. Now you are better equipped to make the right choice for glasses that not only suit you but enhance your appearance and boost your confidence!

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