Styling Consultation

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Your journey to the perfect glasses.

How our styling consultants help you choose the perfect glasses

the styling process

Step 1 : Get in touch

The journey begins with a telephone chat to explain how the process works and what you can expect from your visit. We want to get to know you and will ask you a few questions about your lifestyle and your current glasses in order to get you booked in with the best styling consultant for you.



Be greeted with a smile from one of our friendly staff members

Get comfortable with a stylist

Relax and take a seat, a styling consultant will be with you shortly

Step 3 : The Conversation

Enjoy a complimentary coffee whilst your styling consultant learns about:
Who you areWhat your preferred style is What you’re about What you like & don’t like Where you’re likely to wear these glasses

Step 4 : We Find The Perfect Frames

Based on the conversation, your styling consultant will present a selection of frames best suited to your face, your personality, your prescription and your lifestyle.

Finding the perfect glasses and seeing a smiling face isn’t just our job, it’s our passion.

Step 5 : The Right Lenses For You

Once you are totally in love with your glasses, our highly qualified optometrists will take the time to test your eyes and speak with you about what situations your glasses will be used in the most. This insight greatly helps them prescribe the best possible lenses for you and your lifestyle.

Using the latest technology and years of expertise they will help you find the correct lenses to restore your vision

Step 6 : Here to help whenever you need

Our service doesn’t end when you leave. We’re here for any help or service you may need with your new glasses, and in fact we encourage you to pop back for an annual glasses “MOT” where we can check they still fit you well and make any necessary adjustments

Our process is quite different to most other opticians, so it’s quite normal to feel a little wary of it at first. But rest assured once you’re here you will feel very special indeed, and there’s never any pressure put on you to purchase any frames you’re not 100% certain with.

A vast amount of our business is made up of existing customers visiting us again and again having had their eyes opened to our way of providing you glasses.

We need to be certain that you will go away with total confidence in your new glasses and look forward to your next visit.