Bottomleys FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

The experience at Bottomley Opticians is very different to a general high street optician. At Bottomley Opticians you won’t walk in to rows of frames, many of which are similar to the optician up the road. Instead you will sit down in one of our very attractive boutiques with a styling consultant. The styling consultant will take the time to get to know a bit more and learn about your personality as well as your lifestyle and work. From there we will present frames that match your face and lifestyle. The frames are hand picked from leading designers around the world, it’s unlikely you will find any of our frames in any local optician.

No we are not expensive, but you will not find the same mass produced budget frames that general opticians stock. Instead you will find frames hand-picked from the leading design houses around the world, which are naturally a little higher in price. If you would like more of an idea of our prices then feel free to call first and we will happily give you some pricing examples.

There is no pressure at any point to purchase any frames from Bottomleys, we’re here to make you feel at ease and only purchase if 100% happy. You are more than welcome to go away and come back with a friend or loved one at a later date, if that helps you to decide. What is important is a big beaming smile when you leave our boutique. 

It’s best to book in advance as each appointment takes around an hour. But if you are in the area you are more than welcome to pop in and check availability. 

No we don’t carry out eye tests on their own. At Bottomley’s you choose your frames first, then we test your eyes and recommend the best lenses for the exact frames you have chosen.

For any other enquiries give us a call