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Which glasses suit me?

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This is an important question. We are all different and have many different personality traits and we need to find eyewear that matches this. Pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones can be an exciting and rewarding experience especially when it comes to eyewear.

A New Relationship

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been going out to the trade fairs in Paris, Milan, and Munich and each time I was there I found I was drawn to a rather colourful stand with the most exciting spectacle frames I’d ever seen. They were from Belgium of all places! Each time I looked at them my staff would tell me we couldn’t possibly sell those in Halifax and each time I conceded and we went on to pick some other collections that were a little more “fitting” to our practices in Halifax and Lindley.

Don’t get me wrong… the decisions we made were well thought out and we still do very well with some of the collections we chose. I have to admit though, I always told myself that one day we would stock the wonderful and exciting frames that seemed to be calling our name every time we went to a show.

I knew that somewhere in Calderdale and the surrounding area there would be people who knew how important it was to have different eyewear and wanted to say something with their choice of it.

I really wanted us to be the place those people would be inspired by, visit and become happy clients of Bottomley opticians Halifax. Last year saw the completion of the long-awaited Piece Hall and I had thrown our hat in the ring from the off to have a place in there. It was a nightmare trying to get whoever it was to agree to let us open up and start taking our rent. Finally, we had the go-ahead 2 days before our scheduled trip to Paris. This changed everything! All of a sudden we had a new brief for the trip. We were now buying for Bottomleys Eyewear Boutique!

We worked hard to put together the 5 collections we have in the Piece Hall on our Parisian trip and I thought finally… we might just take that brand that had caught my eye and imagination for the last 3 years.
It wasn’t in the bag. The staff that I had taken with me weren’t fully on board with my crazy idea and very much doubted that we could move it. I managed to at least set up a meeting with the guy from the brand and we sat down with a round of coffees and he took us through the whole Theo ethos and collection. We learned that they were a small family-run company with some crazy dream to be different. I was already sold on the product but I couldn’t help feeling just a little affinity with the idea. Why can’t glasses be interesting, colourful, cheeky and more than anything, match the personality of the person wearing them?

After a long evening of discussion about Theo as a brand to be associated with my colleagues agreed on the basis that if it didn’t work it was my fault.

Fast forward a few weeks and the product arrives….. I am proud to say both Nick and Nareece finally saw the attraction and both wear a Theo in practice at Halifax and Lindley.

It has been one of our most successful collections this year. Obviously, I’m not one to keep score but just every now and again it does feel great to be right!
Come and see them in the Piece Hall. You’ve got to get them on your face to understand just how great they are.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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