What are the best glasses frames?

Bottomley finds the best glasses for you

When you first look at this question you might be thinking that its too subjective but its a common question people ask. I believe the best frames for whoever is asking will be very different in style, material, colour, shape, size, feel and fit but the real answer to the question is that whatever the variables they will all be designed and made by companies whose sole purpose and passion is to make really great eyewear.

Every detail is thought about from what they’re made from to how they’re put together, how they look and how they fit to ensure style and comfort.

Because these eyewear companies only make eyewear and not also branded shoes, handbags and any other fashion items they are absolutely true to their mission and as a result they produce quality which far surpasses any of the well known fashion brands always available on the high street in the big opticians stores you’ve all heard of.

We took the decision to only work with these kinds of glasses frame manufacturers because we only want to offer the very best.

As you’d expect, you will pay a bit more for glasses like these but the value of having a quality pair that fit you properly and suit your face and personality exceeds the extra money you invested.

At Bottomley Opticians our frame ranges start at around £200 and go all the way up to £1200+.

If you want to know more about which glasses frames would be best for you we have a no obligation styling consultation with an eyewear expert where we spend around 45 minutes with you to ultimately find the perfect glasses for you. Just call us on 01422 331031 or email hello@bottomleyopticians.co.uk to book one of these sessions.

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