Why do we go to international trade fairs in Paris and Milan?

International fair trades

Why do we go to international trade fairs in Paris and Milan?

In my experience of this industry at a local level at least, the way it works is pretty similar across the board. Glasses are becoming commodity items made and sold by huge corporations and not the individual, tailor-made pieces that they can be. Fashion designers who put their name on shoes and handbags etc often will not take into consideration how a person’s prescription will look and feel in the frames they produce. Many of us are drawn to brands because of the great marketing campaigns these huge corporations can afford to run.

We wanted to be able to offer the very best products that would do the job better, feel and look much better than the high street options.

When we say no to the “run of the mill” way of working we instantly make it harder for ourselves.

Rather than waiting for the huge corporation reps to walk through our doors and tell us what we should sell we decided to go out and find the quality eyewear that we ourselves would be proud to associate with Bottomley Opticians.

Going to meet the people who are serious about eyewear and are obsessively passionate about the practical functionality as well as the style seemed like a good place to start.

Getting involved initially with a company called Lindberg was one of the first things we did. Lindberg design and make some of the finest eyewear in the world. If you don’t believe me then come in and just try a pair on and experience the comfort and style.

Lindberg sell their eyewear to opticians all over the world and the whole operation is overseen by owner and chief designer Henrik Lindberg at their design house and workshops in Denmark.

We have a great relationship with Lindberg and on a couple of occasions we have met with Henrik himself.

We work with other companies who take a similar approach to design and manufacture of really great eyewear. Quite often these will be smaller family owned companies who still care passionately about what they do and how they do it. Most of our frame stock will have a story of origin so do ask us about this when you come and choose your new glasses.


If we want to be involved with the best eyewear in the world we have to turn up where the best eyewear in the world meets together. It certainly isn’t as glamorous as you may think. It’s hard work but giving up another weekend to go and discover amazing eyewear and meet people and companies who share the same values and work ethic is something Bottomley Opticians are very much committed to.

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