Hello there,

We hope life has treated you well since we were last in touch. Things never stand still and that’s never more true than at Bottomley Opticians. We have made changes around the place …some small things like some comfortable furniture and good coffee. Also note some pretty heavy investment in the latest eye scanner, our new O C T.

O C T stands for Optical Coherence Tomography and to you and me it means being able to have an MRI scan on your eyes! This enables our professionals in the exam room to detect any eye health issues far earlier and get them treated more quickly. Ask when booking your appointment if you would like to include this addition.

We’ve just got back from Paris where we attended Silmo 2017, one of the international trade fairs which we feel is important to see, keeping us in touch with developments in the eyewear world. These visits allow us to forge relationships with designers and creators of amazing spectacles from all over the world. Nick and Nareece worked hard deciding which pieces would be most suited to our clients in Halifax and Huddersfield. We are excited about the new stock coming in from the show.

The eyewear styling consultation aims to make the whole process of choosing your new glasses a relaxed and stress-free experience. Our time in Paris will ensure you have the latest, exciting new eyewear to choose from.

In other news… This is exciting !

Our lens manufacturers Zeiss are working to help us offer half price lenses in any second pair of new frames.

To take advantage of this please quote the code Newsletter2ndpair