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Robert Johnson on guitar

Maybe you’re familiar with the story of Robert Johnson who allegedly did a deal with the devil in the 1930’s and became an incredible blues musician almost overnight albeit with a lot of hard work and practice. He influenced Clapton, the Stones, Robert Plant and loads of other people you’ll definitely be aware of. Anyway… I haven’t done a deal with the devil and I’m not asking to be a rock star but I kind of thought that if I gave a large percentage of mental, physical and emotional energy to running an opticians then I might be spared the inconvenience of needing extra help with near vision as I got older. I’m finding that it doesn’t work like that. Unfortunately, Robert Johnson only lived till he was 27 so never had the problem. I’m grateful to have the problem and I’m in the best place for the solution (even if I have been in denial for a year). If you’re finding that its easier to read your text messages by lifting your specs up and looking under them or you’re holding your   phone as far away as possible to read it then you know exactly what I’m talking about. When you can comfortably admit it to yourself and you should do this in your own time…I realise there’s a lot more to getting older than coming to terms with needing help with near vision, but once you deal with it nobody needs to know about the solution.  The triumph to remember here is that unlike Robert Johnson we’ve lived long enough to have the problem! I took the opportunity to update my eyewear wardrobe with a Theo and a couple of Lindbergs… It softened the blow somewhat.

Nobody you have anything to do with will need to know (if you can manage not to talk about it) so you’ll be able to enjoy “younger” vision and they wont suspect a thing. I was worried that I might not get the hang of it but it’s really dead easy.

What we read is usually below eye level so our eyes naturally look through the lower part of the lens which has the extra power we need for reading.

Wearing vari-focals isn’t as bad as I thought. I’m ok with being older than I was but I’d appreciate it if you can keep it to yourself…. I still have that part-time rock star job …. you never know.

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