Inspiring generations to see beyond… and go beyond…. The journey to the moon and ZEISS

See beyond the moon landings

It’s the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

On July 20, 1969, a collective dream became reality, with a footprint symbolising this achievement: on that day, man set foot on the Moon for the first time. The limits of what seemed possible were now redefined.

When the ambition was set to send a man to the moon and return safe back to the earth, many people helped to make this dream of mankind come true. Thousands of engineers and technicians throughout all disciplines and countries got involved.

ZEISS became part of this challenge: camera lenses specially designed for space captured the iconic images of this monumental achievement.

You might be impressed by Bottomley’s experience at over 70 years in the optics business but Zeiss have over 160 years !! This is one of the reasons we chose to partner with them. Zeiss lead the market and make it a no brainer for us to be closely associated with them. Talk to anyone who wears them… single vision or varifocals and they will tell you about extra clarity and wider fields of vision. We want everyone to literally see the benefit of wearing Zeiss lenses and to commemorate 50 years of the moon landing Zeiss are helping us give you an offer that is out of this world !

We are giving you the chance to own a pair of Zeiss lenses for £100 less for varifocals and £50 less for single vision…. and in one small extra step it doesn’t end there either ! We are including an extra voucher to give your friend. (you can use it yourself if you don’t have any friends).

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