Transform Your Vision with Vinyl: Eyewear That Hits All the Right Notes!

???? Transform Your Vision with Vinyl: Eyewear That Hits All the Right Notes! ???? Step into a world where style meets sustainability, where music history melds seamlessly with modern fashion. At Bottomley Styling Opticians, we are thrilled to introduce our exclusive collection of eyewear made from repurposed vinyl records. Imagine wearing a piece of music […]

Drive in Style and Safety: The Essential Polarised Sunglasses

???? Drive in Style and Safety: The Essential Polarised Sunglasses ???? When it comes to driving and enjoying the great outdoors, polarised sunglasses are not just a luxury—they’re an absolute necessity. At Bottomley Styling Opticians, we understand the importance of crystal-clear vision and impeccable protection. That’s why, for the next month, we’re offering an exclusive […]

The Harder You Work

happy bottomley customer

The harder you work …… We often hear that hard work breeds success, a sentiment that certainly rings true for individuals like you. As an achiever accustomed to the sweet taste of success, you’re no stranger to facing new challenges and overcoming them with unwavering determination. Your journey is a testament to your resilience and […]

Can we make your life easier?

We know you’re the expert of your life and all the amazing things you do in your work life, in your home life and how you enjoy your fun time. We’re here to help you see well, look great and feel better. At Bottomley Opticians, we’re not just about eyewear – we’re about craftsmanship, individuality, […]

What you might not know about about eyewear

If you know … you know, and if you don’t, then hear us out. Not all eyewear is created equal. Many individuals are content with what’s typical, finding comfort in blending in with everyone else through their choice of glasses. However, we have a hunch that you appreciate adding more value to the situations you […]

Celebrating Your Unique Style – Where Individuality Finds its Frame!

At Bottomley Opticians, we live for the kaleidoscope of styles that walk through our doors – because we know that no two individuals see the world in the same way, and that’s the magic of it all! Some of us adore the vivid hues and striking designs that make a bold statement; others find their […]

The Psychology Behind Frame Selection: What Your Eyewear Says About You

Choosing the perfect pair of eyewear isn’t just about clear vision – it’s a reflection of your personality and style. The frames you select can influence how others perceive you and, interestingly, can even shape your own self-perception. Different frame styles convey distinct messages. For example, bold and thick frames often exude confidence and assertiveness, […]

How can an optician make my life easier?

???? Looking for an optician that goes above and beyond to make your life easier? Look no further than Bottomley Opticians! ???? At Bottomley Opticians, we understand the importance of your time and strive to provide you with exceptional service that saves you time in the long run. Here’s how we can make your life […]

Maybe an answer to a dilemma?

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a daunting task, especially when you find yourself torn between two equally appealing options. However, with the easy payment plan offered by Bottomley Opticians, the decision becomes less burdensome. Why don’t we explore the factors to consider when deciding between two pairs of glasses that you love, […]

Are designer glasses frames worth it? 

The world of eyewear has evolved significantly over the years, with designer glasses frames gaining immense popularity. However, it is essential to distinguish between mass-produced designer frames and high-end independent eyewear. Let’s explore whether designer glasses frames are worth the investment by examining the differences in style and quality. Designer glasses frames have become a […]