Another Win For Glasses Wearers!

Superman and glasses

In breaking news the other month, wearing spectacles has been linked to intelligence. University of Edinburgh researchers have reported that a higher level of cognitive function is linked to wearing glasses would you believe!? Optometry Today reported that whether or not a person wears spectacles is linked to their mental agility.

Well … doesn’t everybody know that? I hope YOU know that. These scientists must not have been glasses wearers themselves (safety glasses don’t count). As an eyewear enthusiast you most definitely have more smarts than the average Jo. Those amazing glasses you are now wearing to read this signal to the world that you do indeed have superior cognitive function. You have mental agility and you should be proud of it too!

The research didn’t comment on this but a lot of Bottomley clients feel their eyewear gives them superpowers. Maybe you’ve noticed this yourself? When you wear your glasses you are projecting the very best version of yourself to the world. Your confidence soars, you become even more attractive and your sense of style and individuality is heightened. Your instincts are sharper and when problems arise you deal with them decisively. Nothing shakes your aura of complete coolness.

You’ll walk a little taller with a bit more bounce in your step. You’ll have more confidence and be offered better tables in restaurants and generally command more respect in all situations. It’s all part and parcel of being a proud wearer of stylish glasses.

Your glasses are your superhero outfit and like any superhero will tell you, the outfit is a very personal item and must fit like a glove. It’s made for YOU and YOU alone. It must respect your individuality and that’s the magic we deal with for you at Bottomley Opticians.

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