Things to be aware of when buying glasses online

1. Uncertainty about Fit: One of the biggest concerns when buying glasses online is not being able to try them on before making a purchase. Without physically trying on the frames, it can be challenging to determine how they will fit and look on your face. This uncertainty about fit can lead to disappointment and the need for returns or exchanges.

2. Prescription Accuracy: Ensuring the accuracy of your prescription is crucial when buying glasses online. Mistakes in prescription details or measurements can result in glasses that do not provide the correct vision correction. This can lead to discomfort, headaches, and compromised visual clarity, making it essential to have confidence in the accuracy of your prescription when purchasing online.

3. Limited Frame Selection: While online retailers may offer a wide range of frame options, the inability to physically see and touch the frames can make it difficult to assess their quality, durability, and style. This limited frame selection can be frustrating, especially for individuals with specific preferences or unique face shapes that require more personalized options.

4. Difficulty in Adjustments: Proper frame adjustments are crucial for optimal comfort and fit. When buying glasses online, wearers may face challenges in getting the frames adjusted to their specific needs. Without the assistance of an optician or eyewear professional, it can be challenging to achieve the perfect fit, leading to discomfort or the need for additional adjustments.

5. Returns and Exchanges: In the event that the purchased glasses do not meet expectations or have issues, the process of returning or exchanging them can be a hassle. Dealing with return policies, shipping costs, and potential delays can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if the online retailer does not have a customer-friendly return policy.

While buying glasses online offers short term convenience and potentially cost savings, it’s important to consider these points and take necessary precautions. There’s a lot to be said for “ buy cheap buy twice”. We’ve had a few clients tell their tales of woe and we thought it might be useful for you.

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