Our fundus camera allows us to examine your eye in greater detail than ever before.

Advancements in technology mean that optometrists are becoming better and better placed to examine the eyes of their patients. Bottomley Opticians is committed to remaining at the forefront of optical technology, allowing us to care for your eyes in the best possible way. That’s why we chose to invest in a fundus camera, so that we can see more of your eye with greater accuracy than ever before.

A fundus camera is essentially a specially crafted low power microscope fitted with a high definition camera. The fundus camera allows your optometrist to take a high resolution magnified image of the inside of your eye. This allows for far more accurate diagnosis of a range of serious eye health conditions, as well as meaning many symptoms can be detected much earlier than through other methods. As many eye conditions become far more difficult to treat the later they are diagnosed, this makes the fundus camera an invaluable tool in caring for your eyesight and health.

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N McDonnell

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R. Womersley

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