Curious not judgmental – Ted Lasso

If Ted Lasso were to walk into Bottomley Opticians and choose his glasses, he would likely approach the decision with his characteristic curiosity and open-mindedness. Ted values individuality and embraces diversity, so he would explore a wide range of eyewear options to find the perfect fit for his personal style.

Ted might try different frame styles, such as classic rectangular frames, trendy round frames, or even bold and colourful frames that reflect his vibrant personality. He would consider factors like comfort, durability, and functionality, ensuring that his glasses not only look great but also meet his specific needs.

Being a sporty and active individual, Ted might also opt for glasses with features like UV protection or impact-resistant lenses to support his active lifestyle. He would prioritise functionality while still maintaining his unique sense of style.

Ultimately, Ted Lasso would choose glasses that make him feel confident, authentic, and comfortable. He would embrace the opportunity to express himself through his eyewear, making a statement that reflects his positive and optimistic outlook on life.

We could all do well to be more Ted.

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