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Not Me?!

Maybe you’re familiar with the story of Robert Johnson who allegedly did a deal with the devil in the 1930’s and became an incredible blues musician almost overnight albeit with a lot of hard work and practice. He influenced Clapton, the Stones, Robert Plant and loads of other people you’ll definitely be aware of. Anyway… […]

AC/DC Vinylize Lands

Arguably the most famous rock n roll record ever made and now you can actually wear it on your face! “This was released five months after lead singer Bon Scott died. The song is a tribute to Scott, and the lyrics, “Forget the hearse ’cause I never die” imply that he will live on forever […]

Munich Musings

It’s Monday and I’m collecting my thoughts about 3 full on days we had at Opti Munich. This is another trade show where the finest people in the world creating hand-made, niche eyewear show us the very best they can do for us. If you love spectacles as much as we do then this sounds […]